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Stimulate (THCV) Tablinguals
Stimulate (THCV) Tablinguals
Stimulate (THCV) Tablinguals

Stimulate (THCV) Tablinguals

  • 15.00 Mg of THC
  • 0.00 Mg of CBD
  • MSRP $44.00
Tinctures & Sublinguals
Tinctures & Sublinguals
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An energizing high: focuses the mind

15 Tablinguals

  • 1:1:1 THCV:THC:CBG (Per ProTab)
  • 15 mg THC / 0 mg CBD (Per container)

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What is a Tablingual?

A Tablingual is a micro-dosed cannabis orodispersible tablet (ODT). ODTs have gained a popularity over the past decade and were designed to deliver an active compound through a sublingual route of administration. We have applied this technology to the Tablingual to deliver unique cannabis formulations with precision. The Tablingual offers access to unique cannabinoids in a standardized 3mg tablet. Fast-acting, Tablinguals dissolve under the tongue and allow you to have a more consistent and controlled experience.


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