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Our mission is to create cannabis products that empower people to live healthier, happier, and more enjoyable lives. Level blends produces an array of high-quality cannabis products expertly crafted to achieve desired feeling states. Level scientists apply advanced techniques to unlock the plant’s many benefits and magic. Precisely tune your experience with confidence. Level’s products are always pesticide, solvent, and additive free.

Stimulate (THCV) Tablinguals
Stimulate (THCV) Tablinguals
Stimulate (THCV) Tablinguals

Stimulate (THCV) Tablinguals

  • 15.00 Mg of THC
  • 0.00 Mg of CBD
  • MSRP $44.00
Tinctures & Sublinguals
Tinctures & Sublinguals
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An energizing high: focuses the mind

15 Tablinguals

  • 1:1:1 THCV:THC:CBG (Per ProTab)
  • 15 mg THC / 0 mg CBD (Per container)

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What is a Tablingual?

A Tablingual is a micro-dosed cannabis orodispersible tablet (ODT). ODTs have gained a popularity over the past decade and were designed to deliver an active compound through a sublingual route of administration. We have applied this technology to the Tablingual to deliver unique cannabis formulations with precision. The Tablingual offers access to unique cannabinoids in a standardized 3mg tablet. Fast-acting, Tablinguals dissolve under the tongue and allow you to have a more consistent and controlled experience.


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